Kailyn Lowry Had a Pregnancy Scare on Vacation in St. Thomas

kailyn lowry

On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, there was plenty of drama involved -- some of it taking place in a hospital room. Not only did Briana have to rush her baby to the ER, but Kailyn had a pretty horrifying pregnancy issue while she was out of the country. Is there ever a dull moment with these girls?! 


Kail's last trip as a mom of two was a pretty sweet one -- that beach had us drooling. But then, when she started swelling and stressing out about preeclampsia? Yeah, all that jealousy went out the window. We were so scared for her! It was a relief to hear she was okay though, and now we know that baby Lux is just fine.

It still would have been cool for her to give birth in St. Thomas, though, but it sounded like she was pretty glad she didn't. That was definitely a close one!

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And speaking of medical emergencies, Briana had to deal with a big one. As if finding out Stella has holes in her heart wasn't bad enough, Luis was absolutely no help to her. Wait, wasn't this the guy who just begged her not to place their baby for adoption because he wanted to be involved? 

Sigh. Maybe after this scary situation, he'll get his life together. Then again, maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up. 

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Jenelle continued prepping for her wedding, which obviously included yet another spat with her mom Barbara. Seeing Jace get so excited about walking his mom down the aisle was really sweet, but then hearing him joke about not wanting her to get married to David? Um, he said he was kidding, but there's something about the way he said it that makes us wonder if that's true. 

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Refreshingly, Chelsea was the only mom not grappling with any major drama, other than trying to take steps to get Aubree's last name hyphenated. We can't get over seeing baby Watson grow every week. Before we know it, he's going to be hopping out of that car to go to school with his big sis! 

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And once again, we want to give Leah major mom props for the way she handled daughter Ali's meltdown. It has to be so hard for her to see her girls Ali and Gracie growing up differently, even though they're twins, but if you ask us, she's handling it incredibly well. Way to go, mama! 

'Til next week ... when hopefully, things will go way better for Briana and Kail! 

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