Javi Marroquin Makes a Heartbreaking Confession About His Marriage to Kailyn Lowry

kail and javi

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's split has been an emotional roller coaster, and if you thought that now their divorce is final, things would finally settle down, we've got some news for you. Apparently Javi thought Marriage Boot Camp would make Kail fall back in love with him, which means he wanted her back even more than we thought. 

  • Now that the show is finally airing, we're getting to see all of their dirty laundry. But the show didn't have the happy ending Javi hoped for.

    marriage boot camp

    In fact, in a recent interview with Us Weekly, Javi even admitted that he wanted Kail to feel those lovin' feelings for him again and thought the show would be the perfect way to make that happen.

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  • He told the mag that he "still held on" because he thought boot camp would bring them back together, but Kail wasn't on the same page.

  • But Javi also said that they left boot camp in a way better place than they were before, so that's good news for sure.

    javi and kail

    He told the mag, "Once you get home, you reflect on all the drills and what they taught us and I'm so happy and our relationship is great. Right now we are co-parenting really well." 

  • We're just glad they're getting along better these days, because there's no chance co-parenting would've worked with their constant fighting.

    And honestly, with their upcoming book series? Well, anything could happen.