Javi Marroquin Was Reportedly Rejected as a Cast Member on Another MTV Show


It's hard out there for a Teen Mom star -- harder than we thought, apparently! It sounds like Javi Marroquin got rejected from MTV's The Challenge, because now that the cast has officially been announced, he's missing from the list. 

  • You know all those rumors about Javi joining the cast? Well, it looks like it didn't work out, though he was supposedly being seriously considered.

    According to Teen Mom Talk Now, higher-ups at MTV wanted him for the gig, but for some reason, it didn't end up going to him. Could this mean his star power is starting to plummet, especially now that he doesn't get as much screen time on Teen Mom 2 since he and Kail split?

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  • Earlier this week, MTV shared the first official cast photo from the upcoming season, and not a single "Teen Mom" star was in it.

    However, the cast does include Olympian Shawn Johnson and former Bachelorette star Josh Murray, so that's something.

  • So far, Javi has yet to comment on "The Challenge" or why he wasn't chosen, but we assume he's not too worried about it.

  • Between his kid, his job, and his potential relationship with Briana DeJesus, we'd say he's pretty busy these days without an extra show.

    And we still love seeing him on Teen Mom 2, of course. Don't worry, Javi -- if your reality show dreams still haven't come true, we're sure there are plenty of opportunities waiting in the future. 

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