Kailyn Lowry Fires Back at Jenelle Evans's Complaints About MTV

kailyn lowry

For as long as we can remember, various members of the Teen Mom casts have been threatening to leave the show, and Jenelle Evans is the latest of the bunch to be ready to jump ship. But as far as Kailyn Lowry is concerned? She couldn't care less. Kail responded to Jenelle's threats to quit Teen Mom 2, and it sounds like she's not too bothered by it. 

  • As you may have noticed, Jenelle was pretty pissed about Monday night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," which didn't exactly paint her in the best light.

    She and David fought and then denied everything -- and what was with them basically ignoring Kaiser and Jace screaming in the background while they were trying to take their save-the-date photo? The footage MTV chose to show in the ep made her so mad she deleted her Twitter, started posting screenshots of texts with MTV producers, and has even said she's quitting Teen Mom altogether.

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  • But as far as Kail is concerned, she's really not too rattled by what Jenelle is saying.

    While talking to People on Thursday, Kail addressed how she feels about the whole Jenelle situation. She said: 

    "I think we all feel differently. I have to disagree with her statement about MTV. As far as I can see it, you wouldn't have stuck with the show for eight years if that was the case, so I'll leave that there ... I don't care what Jenelle does."

  • We totally get what Jenelle is saying, and obviously, she has to make whatever choice is best for her family ... but Kail has a point too.

  • There are a lot of ups and downs that come with being on reality TV, and unfortunately, this is one of them.

    We just hope that Jenelle really is okay like she says she is, because her interactions with David on this week's ep were beyond creepy. 

  • And on the topic of Jenelle leaving, this is how we feel:

    If she left, we don't know what we'd do without her drama -- and her adorable kiddos! Please don't leave, Jenelle. We need you on Monday nights!