Chris Lopez Might Be Going After Kailyn Lowry for Child Support

kail lowry

As if Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry didn't have enough baby daddy drama, it looks like more might already be brewing. After an Instagram post he shared this week, fans are encouraging Chris to get child support ... and seriously, this is based on one picture. 

  • Even though baby Lux hasn't been in the world that long, it looks like Kail is killing it at being a single mom of three so far.

    All of her boys seem happy, healthy, and well taken care of. And even though she's said in recent interviews that Chris isn't too involved since Lux is still a newborn, it seems like she's assuming that he will be a part of his life. Not a horrible situation to be in! 

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  • But then, Chris posted this photo on Instagram on Wednesday, and it's already raising SO many questions... most of which are impossible to answer.

    Some fans are wondering if that's Kail's book he's burning, since his caption references starting a new chapter in his life ... while others noticed something different about this photo entirely.

  • Fans think that Chris is living in some bad conditions (judging by his balcony) and that Kail needs to pony up some cash for her baby daddy.

  • Don't get us wrong, we want Lux to have somewhere safe to stay when he visits his dad, but we gotta trust Kail to handle this one.

    She's a big girl, this is her business, and we know she'd never let her baby be in an unsafe situation. Can we all agree to just let them live their lives, please?