12-Year-Old Johannah Duggar Looks All Grown Up in Latest Family Photos

johannah duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Happy birthday to Johannah Duggar! The 16th child in the Duggar family turned 12 on October 11, marking her final year as a preteen. For those who have been following the Duggars, it does feel like just yesterday when Johannah was just toddling about. Now that she's getting older, Johannah is starting to look more like some of her older sisters. She losing that baby look and really growing up.

  • Johannah's birthday was announced on the family's Facebook page.

    On the official Duggar Facebook page, mom and dad wrote this post with this beautiful photo:

    "Happy birthday to our sweet, kind, caring, considerate Johannah! We can hardly believe you are twelve! It seems like yesterday you were toddling around the house! We love watching you grow into a beautiful young lady. We know the Lord has great plans for your future. We love you very much!"

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  • Fans commented how she looks so much like her sisters.

    Quite a few posters noted that Johannah looks like a combo of Jessa and Joy-Anna. We can totally see that. Others felt she looks like Jinger -- and we see that, too. The Duggar ladies all share similar features and often hairstyles.

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  • Johannah still has a personality all her own.

    While she may resemble her siblings, she certainly has her own personality. We don't know much about Johannah, since she is just a kid and the Duggars do shield them to some degree. She isn't the only one with a birthday this month either -- sister Joy-Anna turns 20 on October 28. 

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  • She's still just a kid.

    Joy-Anna is Johannah's next oldest sister even though eight years separate them. Johannah is the oldest of the youngest girls. She also seems to have an adventurous spirit. Time will tell if she's a bit more rebellious like her sister Jinger

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Johannah!

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