Another 'Teen Mom 2' Star Is Expecting a Baby

teen mom 2

Another day, another Teen Mom 2 star pregnant. In a series of tweets recently, Jenelle Evans's ex-husband Courtland Rogers revealed that he and his girlfriend Lindsey Renee are expecting a baby. Well, how about that. 

  • After Courtland's girlfriend tweeted a selfie of the two, along with the caption "This summer me and my love," Courtland blurted out the news.

    Wonder if Lindsey knew he was going to share their pregnancy news with the world.

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  • Courtland replied to Lindsey's post by saying that they're finding out their baby's gender in a few days.

    "I cannot wait for the 25th to get here so we can find out if it's a boy or a girl... I'm so freaking excited," Jenelle's ex blurted out -- before there even was a pregnancy announcement!

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  • Clearly, Lindsey didn't mind Courtland spilling the beans though, as she's now tweeting about the pregnancy, too.

    "My baby took me to outback to get my blooming onion #pregoprobs #spoiled," Lindsey tweeted a few days later. Hard to blame the girl. Blooming onions are delicious. 

  • This will be the second child for Courtland, who has a daughter, Jordan, with his ex Taylor Lewis.

    In April, Taylor was arrested (a few months after Courtland did a year-long stint in prison) for obstruction of justice charges stemming from a March 17 incident. Initially, the bail was set at a whopping million dollars.  

    And as many of us know, Courtland was married to Jenelle for a few months in 2012–2013. Jenelle also reportedly got pregnant during that time, but apparently wound up having an abortion -- and this was a few months before she started dating Nathan Griffith and got pregnant with Kaiser. 

    It goes without saying that Courtland and all of his ladies have a checkered past, but hopefully the bad boy and his girlfriend will get things right this time. Second time's a charm?