Leah Messer Reveals Her Past Is Even Worse Than We Know

leah messer

Despite their lives being seemingly open books, the Teen Mom ladies have deep, dark secrets like the rest of us. In a recent series of tweets, Leah Messer hinted that she has some major skeletons in her closet -- and she's about to reveal them any day now.  

  • Initially, when a fan remarked on how far Leah has come, the 'Teen Mom' star happily accepted the compliment.

    As she should!

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  • Leah responded with how she's chosen to grow from the mistakes of her past instead of letting them break her.

    From the sound of things, Leah is happy with how things are going right now. She even quoted Oprah in another tweet, saying, "Where there is no struggle, there is no strength!"

    But then the conversation took a weird, cryptic turn. 

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  • Another fan tweeted that Leah has been doing so well and that she really turned her "bad path" around. But Leah had a bizarre response.

    "Thanks. A journey not yet shared and only a few know... #onlyintime," the mom of three wrote back. 

    Hmm ... wonder what that could mean?

  • When the same fan said that she hopes Leah shares her story one day, Leah said that it's "far deeper than any assumption that's been made."

    Apparently Leah, who thinks her story is going to "change lives," has secrets much deeper than anyone knows. 

  • Who knows when Leah will choose to reveal everything, but it has to be soon since she's talking about it so openly.

    And hopefully she's right about it changing lives for the better. We're pulling for you, girl.