Jinger Duggar's Photo Sparks Firestorm of Pregnancy Speculation

jinger vuolo and husband

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are in love. The two got married in November of last year, and because Jinger is a Duggar, everyone is getting all up in their business about when they are having kids. Some "fans" have even speculated on reasons why Jinger isn't pregnant yet. This is certainly something that many married-without-kids couples can relate to -- and this badgering needs to stop. Things went a little too far in Jinger and Jeremy's case.

  • The photo that started it all.

    On the 'gram, Jinger shared this adorable snap with the caption: "Together is my favorite place to be 💙 @jeremy_vuolo." Some people loved her dress, commented on her style, and showed delight with emojiis about their love -- but others went a bit off the rails.

    One person commented, "When will y'all have kids??" Another wrote, "How come your [sic] not pregnant yet?" And the next thing you know, peppered between the cute comments are assumptions and suggestions on what exactly is going on between Jinger and Jeremy.

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  • They're just living life, people.

    It's none of our business if J&J are trying to have a baby or not, but for some reason this is something that comes up for every single married couple. And when you're a Duggar (or anyone famous, really), the attention to this detail is magnified. Imagine sharing a photo of you and your love on social media only to have strangers make odd comments on it?

    That's what's happening. Some have suggested that Jinger must use birth control. That didn't sit well with some fans. Others think that maybe something happened behind the scenes and they are having trouble getting pregnant. Then fans started debating each other, sharing bits of their own personal story, thinking that maybe that's what's happening here with the Vuolos.

    One person wrote: "I was just saying, it may have just be a physical delay. My kid's godmother couldn't get pregnant for 2 years after her wedding even though she was trying. It's sad 'cause some girls just have trouble conceiving."

    Another commented: "What my point is, is that if a couple isn't using birth control, they want to start a family right away. Even if it takes 4-6 months. No birth control means someone wants to get pregnant. Jessa and Jill wanted kids right away, Jinger and Jeremy don't so they are using birth control."

    Oh my.

  • Let's just enjoy the pictures.

    Maybe no assumptions should be made. Maybe we should all just take in the sheer beauty of this love that Jinger and Jeremy have and how they are living a sweet life right now (judging by the photos), traveling about, having coffee in cafes, taking love selfies, and truly enjoying each other. 

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  • See? Love this ... and Jinger's pink hat.

    As parents know, when a kid enters your life, everything changes. And we mean that in a good way, but that's not to say that the time before kids wasn't great. In fact, there are some really great moments to experience when it's just two. That's exactly the life that this couple is living right now. We wouldn't be getting these kinds of photos from them all the time if they had a kid. Let's just relish this moment (for them) without worrying about anything else.

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