Kailyn Lowry Has Reportedly Banned Chris Lopez From Seeing Baby Lux


We knew it wouldn't be easy for Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez to co-parent baby Lux, but we had no idea it'd get like this so soon! Apparently, Kail wants to ban Chris from seeing Lux, and it's created some major drama -- including a trip to court. 

  • According to a new report from Radar Online, Kail's taking Chris to court because he's refusing to formally accept paternity of Lux.

    A source close to Kail told the site that since he never signed the form in the hospital acknowledging his paternity, she can't file for child support, so court is the next step -- even though she's reportedly taken drastic measures against him already.

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  • Supposedly, she's banned Chris from seeing their baby until he claims paternity ... and the whole thing sounds like a gigantic mess.

    "Her lawyer drew something up and they are going through the court because he doesn't have any rights to Lux without signing," the source told Radar. "He's not seeing the baby right now for those reasons."

  • So far, Kail has yet to respond to these rumors herself, so it's hard to say whether the reports are true or not.

  • One thing's for sure, though: if these reports are true, Chris needs to step up ASAP.

    Baby Lux deserves a dad who's involved in his life and who takes responsibility for him. And knowing Kail, if she feels like Chris isn't doing his part, she'll step into serious Mama Bear mode. Watch out, Chris!