Jade & Tanner Tolbert Share the Scary Details of Their Baby's Birth

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Bachelor in Paradise couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert welcomed their baby girl Emerson Avery into the world on August 17 ... a bit earlier than expected. Now Jade is opening up about the issues she and baby Emerson were facing -- this family had quite a scare. Birth plans don't often go according to "the plan" -- but thankfully everyone is happy and healthy. And Jade has some of the most beautiful words about motherhood after the whole experience. 

  • Jade's water broke early.

    As the new mom explained in a video blog, Jade's water broke at 36 weeks -- a week sooner than the safe period of 37 weeks. Jade had a midwife and was planning on having Emerson at the birth center, but because of her condition, she had to go to the medical center. That was something Jade and Tanner weren't prepared for. "People always talk about having bags packed before the birth. We had nothing because it was a month out and we figured we had time to not only physically prepare, but mentally prepare."  

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  • "The most beautiful pain ever."

    Thankfully, Jade was able to get into a birthing tub to labor there while her midwife arrived at the hospital. Once it was time, Jade moved out of the tub. "I will never forget the feeling of the baby's head come into the birth canal. It is the most intense pressure but it's the coolest feeling. I was someone who definitely had a lot of pain ... I was probably scaring the people down the hallway because I was screaming."  

    Tanner was there "in shock" and listening to the directions of the midwife. He felt his daughter crowning. Jade talked about how incredible her birth was. "I wanted to experience that feeling. I want to feel connected to my body and my baby even though it was insanely painful for me. It was the most beautiful pain ever." 

  • But the midwife revealed something wasn't right.

    Jade said that once her baby came out, the pain went away. Tanner caught the baby and the family was able to all snuggle together, but then the midwife noticed something. There was a knot in the umbilical cord that could have cut off nutrients going to the baby. They believe it was a really good thing that Jade went into labor early. Jade said, "We are very lucky she came early or her nutrients, blood, and oxygen could've been completely cut off from her in the womb from the knot."  

    Jade also shared this photo on her Instagram, writing, "... it feels like she's always been here somehow, like she has always been a part of me -- almost like I don't know how yesterday existed without her. It's amazing how you can love someone so much, I now get the privilege of understanding a mother's endless love."

  • It's endless family love, too.

    We are so happy that Emerson decided to make her debut a little early -- maybe she knew about that knot and really couldn't wait to meet her parents fact to face. It's clear that she not only has her mother's endless love, but her dad's as well. This photo of Tanner and his daughter makes our hearts melt. 

    Congratulations to this lovely family!

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