Jenelle Evans Threatens to Quit 'Teen Mom 2' After Being Treated Like a 'Freak Show'

jenelle evans and david eason

Jenelle Evans has recently taken to Instagram to announce that she may be leaving Teen Mom 2! We seriously can't even imagine the show without her, but the reasoning behind her decision is pretty sad. 

  • Earlier today, Jenelle posted this photo with a detailed caption about why she's "probably calling it quits."

    In her caption, Jenelle voiced her frustrations with MTV and her anger toward the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2

    In her caption, she wrote:

    "Yes, me and David have our ups and downs but yesterday’s episode was uncalled for. Because David didn't feel like explaining another argument or drama on camera they make it look as if David is hiding some weird ass shit from the public as if he was hurting me in some way?! I have decided after this season I'm probably calling it quits for filming this show." 

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  • She continued to express how MTV treats the reality stars like "a freak show in cages" and she doesn't feel it's good for her family's mental health.

    Jenelle wrote:

    "I told Morgan it's getting to out of hand and it's not healthy for us anymore, just harming us mentally. They treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages. WE aren't human beings to @mtv what-so-ever." 

  • Jenelle also claims that editing has made her relationship appear worse than it is.

    Addressing an abuse issue from a previous episode, Jenelle said:

    "The first screenshot of the custody episode someone posted photoshopping a hand mark on my arm. The other screenshots are pictures I've taken myself from the same episode... and there aren't any hand marks." 

    Well, dang! That's a lot to take in. 

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  • "Once they treat me with respect I'll be back, if they don't I'll be happy with the life I've got," she said.

    As much as we would miss seeing Jenelle and her family on our TV screens, we just want her to do what's right for her and the kids.