Farrah Abraham Can't Even Take Her Daughter on Vacation Without Getting Hate

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham

She's no stranger to parenting controversy! Farrah Abraham is at it again making unconventional choices for her 8-year-old daughter, and the Internet isn't about to let her go by unscathed.

The Teen Mom OG star posted a montage of photos to her daughter Sophia's Twitter page, and pretty much got slammed for being a bad mom -- again. Even though the page is in Sophia's name, we feel it prudent to point out that it is maintained and operated by an adult, presumably Farrah herself.

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The attacks thankfully seem to be mostly on Farrah, and not on Sophia, because for better or worse, she didn't get to pick her mom. Anyway, it looks like Farrah took Sophia on a tour of Italy, but instead of being commended on exposing her child to world culture, she's obviously a bad mom.