Jenelle Evans & David Eason's Relationship Is So Full of Drama We Can't Even

jenelle and husband

One of the reasons we love Teen Mom 2 so much is because it never fails to supply us with a weekly dose of drama, but this might be a little too much. On Monday night's new episode, Jenelle Evans and David Eason had a lot of drama -- both together and apart.


The fight they had -- or didn't have? -- was so shady. First, Jenelle was texting producers saying they were screaming and crying at each other, and then the next day David acted like nothing ever happened? Yeah, we're not buying that ... especially since he was so sketchy about the whole thing. Should we be worried? 

And as if that wasn't enough drama for Jenelle, of course she had a screaming match with her mom again. We don't get why Jenelle wouldn't just agree to go to therapy with Jace if that's what was most important. Maybe she'll change her mind?

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Meanwhile, Kail was dealing with some drama of her own in the Javi department. It makes sense that she was freaking out so much since she didn't know if he'd drop his child support case in time for her to go on vacation, but boy was she stressing us (and herself) out! 

The good news? She, Isaac, and Lincoln all got to take their trip to St. Thomas, no court appearance required.

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Hot off of her motivational speaking victory, Leah was faced with another challenge, and she succeeded with flying colors. It's so hard to see Ali and Gracie argue when it's all rooted in the fact that it's hard for Gracie to understand why Ali gets so much attention, but Leah is doing a really good job at trying to keep the playing field as level as possible.

Did anyone else just die hearing Gracie ask Leah if her sister had muscular dystrophy because she "crammed her up" in the womb? Precious girl. We hope she understands it wasn't her fault! 

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Briana dealt with all kinds of baby daddy drama this week, but then again, considering Luis's track record, we weren't exactly surprised. We were so worried about baby Stella and her ER trip though. Hopefully, everything turns out okay! 

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And as for Chelsea and her world? Well, it goes without saying that, once again, Aubree's adorableness is off the charts. We love that she wants to incorporate Cole's last name into her name, even if it means that she and Chelsea have to cope with Adam being absent from her life.

We can't wait for next week, if for no other reason than to find out why the heck Jenelle and David are fighting so much, and what it's all about. Either way, we know they eventually made it to their wedding day, so there's a happy ending in the future no matter what happens along the way. 

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