All the Must-See Photos From Chelsea DeBoer's Second Wedding


Is there any Teen Mom couple more perfect for each other than Chelsea and Cole DeBoer? We don't think so -- but if you need some proof, we've got it all right here. Photos from Chelsea and Cole's wedding reception, which happened over the weekend, are all over Instagram, and yes, it was just as beautiful as you'd imagine it would be. 

  • First things first: The happy couple. How perfect is that dress? And that bouquet? And her hair?

    When the professional photos are ready, they're obviously going to be mind-blowing. Don't get us wrong -- Chels looked amazing at their official wedding last year, but this look is killing it, too. 

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  • Seriously, it's like this dress was made for her.

  • MTV producer Mandi shared all kinds of pics from the reception, including this adorable one of her and Aubree.

    Is it just us, or is anyone else dying over that flower crown? Way too cute! 

  • And best of all, this adorable family just seemed so happy to be together.

  • And on the subject of family, Aubree's half-sister, Paislee, was there too, along with her mom, Taylor.

    How sweet are these two together?! They look so happy to be partying it up with each other! 

  • Of course, Papa Randlicious had to share a photo with his daughters too, including the bride.

    We don't get to see Chelsea's sister Emily too often, but of course she was there on Chelsea's big day.

  • And they all lived happily ever after.