Chris Who? Kailyn Lowry Already Has a New Boyfriend

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry may have had Chris Lopez's baby two months ago, but it's been a long time since they've been in any sort of relationship. Any hopes fans may have had for them to get together may be dashed though, as Kail has been "flirting up a storm" with a new handsome gent in her life.

  • According to Radar Online, Kail has been getting close to Dionisio Cephas, and she's even shared a few snaps of him to Snapchat.

     Dionisio Cephas kailyn lowry
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  • Dionisio told Radar that while they're not dating "yet," it's not an improbability. "Time will tell," he alluded.

     Dionisio Cephas snapchat

    Another source told

    "Kailyn and Dionisio aren't dating right now, but they have really insane chemistry. They've known each other for a while and they had an instant attraction, but until recently, they both had partners so they remained friends. But now the friendship is definitely heating up and they're flirting up a storm. Kailyn doesn't want to jump straight into another serious relationship just yet -- she's still adjusting to the new baby and working out her plans for the future, but Dionisio is totally cool with giving her some space. In the past, Kailyn has always jumped straight in deep with guys, so she's really enjoying taking it slow and getting to know him more."

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  • The pair have even been flirting on Twitter.

    Kail and Dionisio have gone back and forth a number of times on the social media, sending flirtatious messages like this one. It's clear there's something going on there, but it still seems pretty innocent.

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  • At the end of the day, Kail is focusing on the three most important men in her life -- as she should be.