Fans Wonder If Leah Messer Is Hiding a Baby Bump

Leah Messer

Leah Messer is plenty busy these days being a mom to three kids, as well as a motivational speaker, but could she be adding something major to her plate? The Teen Mom 2 star posted a selfie to Instagram recently, and fans are wondering if she's pregnant with baby number four.

  • She added this selfie to Instagram earlier this week.

    Leah added the caption, "Never stop believing in HOPE, miracles happen every day!" -- which honestly could've led to the speculation. Pregnancy and childbirth are everyday miracles, after all.

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  • Most of the comments were positive and about how pretty she is, and what a great role model she can be. But there's always that one person.

  • To which Leah replied that she doesn't even have a boyfriend.

    We're pretty sure you don't need a boyfriend to have a baby, but we're assuming that Leah's response is a big fat negative. We bet she's rethinking that top though! The commenter responded again, "Sorry that shirt made you look pregnant. I have know idea if you have a boyfriend. It's not like we talk daily. Lol."

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  • She may not be expecting number four, but she still has these beauties to keep her on her toes!

    Even though she's reportedly said she'd like to try for a boy in the future, she seems to be enjoying single life just fine right now.