Sean & Catherine Lowe Share Exciting News About Their Growing Family

Catherine Giudici, Sean Lowe

They've been busy running after baby Sam for the last 15 months, but are Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici ready for baby number two? Maybe. The Bachelor sweethearts opened up recently about raising their toddler son, and what their plans are for adding to their family.


Sean and Catherine talked to Us Weekly about life with Sam, and apparently he's already giving them a hard time at the dinner table. Welcome to life with a toddler! It started last Thanksgiving apparently, when he rejected his mom's magical mashed potatoes.

"He loves everything! Except the first time I made mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving last year he didn't like it," Catherine shared. "I was so offended! I was like, 'Everyone loves my mashed potatoes. My son doesn't like them!'"

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She added, "He was obviously very confused. This year he will like mashed potatoes, hopefully." Fingers crossed, Cath! She also said that in addition to denying his mother's culinary genius, he also "likes to run around now." Sean chimed in, "He's running everywhere. He's starting to say words, which is exciting!"

That's when they got to the question we all want to know -- are there plans for another little Lowe in the near or distant future? The proud parents admitted that they "have talked" about baby number two, but that Sam "has no idea" he might not be an only child someday. Sean added, "He does like the dog, though! He loves our dog, so let's hope he loves the next kid."

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Catherine talked about transitioning Sam out of the nursery to make room for the next one too. She said:

"I feel like because Samuel might jump out of his crib any day now and crawl out of it, it might be time for the big boy room. That's what I've been thinking about, how to get his big boy room ready. The nursery is pretty set in case baby number two comes around any time soon but I am excited about creating a big boy room for Samuel."

They also apparently want their kids to be two years apart, just like they are with their own siblings. Since Sam is 15 months, Cath noted, "We're cutting is close!"

We'll be expecting their announcement any day now.

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