Kailyn Lowry Calls Out One of Her Baby Daddies for Not Being a 'Good Parent'

Kailyn Lowry

Uh-oh. Kailyn Lowry cannot seem to escape the drama in the baby daddy department. She finally seems to have worked things out with Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin, but it looks like she may have some issues with Chris Lopez. She sent out a tweet about what it means to be a parent, and it has to be directed at one of the three of them.

  • Kailyn welcomed her third son to the world in early August, long after she and Chris Lopez broke up.

    Throughout the pregnancy, it was unclear if Chris was going to have any sort of relationship with his child. He seemed to step up to the plate by being at the birth, and helping Kail home from the hospital. He also posted to Twitter several weeks after his son's arrival that he'd seen him every day.

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  • Kail even shared this adorable snap of them together on her Instagram Stories.

    Lux really is his dad's mini-me. It seemed like things have been going well between the two, even if they're no longer romantically involved. Kail even said that she believes Chris will stick around for good for his son. She told Radar Online, "Every child deserves their dad ... I'm hopeful. I'm positive he'll be around."

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    Kail continued that she believes Chris "has been as supportive as he can." She explained, "He does the best to his ability even though it doesn't necessarily meet the standards of what everyone else expects of him. I think people need to keep that in mind ... I know this isn't an ideal situation but I know everything will be OK."

  • Kail may have changed her mind on "good enough," however, if this tweet is any indication.

    Kail tweeted, "Simply being present doesn't mean you're a good parent. Don't @ me." It's definitely a burn toward someone, but could it possibly be toward Javi Marroquin or Jo Rivera, the fathers of her two older sons, Lincoln, 3, and Isaac, 7?

  • It's probably not Javi, considering that he just took the older boys to Disney World.

    Just because he's not married to Kail anymore doesn't mean that his relationship with his stepson Isaac is over.

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  • Doesn't look like it's Jo either.

    When a fan commented on Javi continuing to be a great father figure in Isaac's life, Jo responded that they're "blessed" they have "a strong team for these kids."

  • Whatever is going on, we don't imagine Kail would trade a thing. She loves those three boys to pieces, no matter what's going on with their dads.

    Keep on keepin' on, Kail.