Tyler Baltierra Drops a Major Hint About Baby #3

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra

Are Catelynn (Lowell) and Tyler Baltierra ready for baby number three? Ty may have just dropped a big hint on social media about taking the next step for their family, and honestly, we totally get why he's thinking about making Nova a big sister.

  • Cate and Ty already have two beautiful daughters -- Carly, 8, and Nova, 2.

    After finding out they were pregnant in high school, sweethearts Cate and Tyler decided to give Carly to adoptive parents to raise her. They've maintained an open adoption with Brandon and Teresa Davis, which means they get updates on how Carly is doing, and they get to see her every year or two at the Davises' discretion.

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  • Despite suffering from postpartum depression, Cate has never been shy about wanting more kids.

    Cate and Ty have both been very open about struggling with mental health, and she even spent a month in rehab in 2016 to deal with emotional issues. Now that Nova is nearly 3, she seems to be managing it well, and is better prepared if she faces the same challenges again. It seems like it might be the perfect time for the couple to add another babe to the brood!

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    She told CafeMom in April, "Maybe within like a year. I don't want it to be too far away, but I still have a lot of work to do on the whole postpartum depression thing, so that scares me. It holds me back a lot. If I never went through that, I'd probably be expecting right now. But that holds me back in a lot of ways, and I think a lot of moms can probably relate to that. You get really scared to ever have a baby again. And it shouldn't be that way. You should be excited and happy. Mental illness sucks!"

  • Tyler is obviously ready.

    tyler baltierra snap

    Ty posted this photo to his Snapchat story this week, of Nova's adorable toddler bed. He added the caption, "Is this real life? I can't believe my little baby is in a big girl bed now. I need another baby now, like ASAP!"

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  • After all, who could resist wanting another when they make babies as cute as this? Just saying.

    We wish this (possibly growing) family all the best in whatever they decide!