New 'Bachelor' Spin-Off Show Just Gave Us a Huge Incentive to Tune In

bachelorette peter

After how colossally awkward this season of Bachelor in Paradise was, we've had serious doubts about whether or not watching 2018's new spin-off would be worth it. But now we officially have a reason to tune in. Peter Kraus is joining The Bachelor Winter Games, so if you're still heartbroken he's not the next Bachelor, this ought to help move the healing process along.

  • Much like he does at least once a week, on Wednesday night, showrunner MIke Fleiss announced he had some big news to share.

    Little did we know, it was the most exciting news ever.

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  • Yes, that's right -- Peter Kraus is officially coming back for the Winter Games... whatever those end up being.

  • The bad news? That means that in the near future, he'll have less time to post photos like this on Instagram.

    How will we survive?

  • The good news: That means there will be more Peter on our TVs very, very soon.

    Pop the champagne, y'all! 

  • Let's just hope it works out better for him this time.