Carly Waddell Jokes That Her Baby-to-Be Is Already a Devious Kid

carly and evan bass

We're still so excited that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are expecting their first baby, and we love hearing updates! Carly just shared an  ultrasound photo and already, their daughter is behaving exactly how you'd think a child created by the two of them would. 


We've already gotten well acquainted with their baby-to-be, between the updates they've already shared, and seeing them get an ultrasound in front of the whole world on Bachelor in Paradise this season. But as their baby grows, we have a brand new photo to admire -- even though their little one was being completely uncooperative.

carly waddell baby

Carly wrote in her caption: 

"Our daughter is already devious and uncooperative and standing on her head doing yoga when all we want to do it take pictures of her. Seems pretty typical of a child made from @theebass and I! Can't wait til she greets the world! (Also I still barely have a this pic must do for now!) I'm due Feb 16th!" 

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We kind of love this. Even though their pregnancy was a surprise, it seems like Carly and Evan are enjoying every second of it. It's insane to think that they even ended up getting married after their rocky start on BiP, and now they're becoming parents?! Once in a while, these shows really do work.

Now we just need these two to keep the updates coming. We can't wait to meet their little one in February.

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