Kailyn Lowry Opens About Her 'Roller Coaster' Divorce With Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin

It's no secret that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin had a tumultuous marriage, and according to the Teen Mom 2 mama, their divorce is no different. Kail recently opened up to Us Weekly about their ongoing co-parenting relationship, and what we can expect from their appearance on Marriage Boot Camp this season.

  • Kail came on the show for their son Lincoln, but Javi apparently came on for her.

    Even though their divorce was "practically finalized" when they started filming MBC, Javi reportedly believed they still had a shot to make it work. Kailyn said, "I didn't even know those were Javi's intentions ... I thought we were going in, literally, to make co-parenting work. And still when I was there and I learned that Javi wanted to make our relationship work ... I was a little surprised."

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    She explained that she continued on the show for the sake of their son. "I was more or less hoping it would help my relationship with Javi as far as co-parenting goes, and ultimately benefit Lincoln, so to me that was most important. If that meant more cameras, I was going to do that for Lincoln's benefit."

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  • She set some pretty clear boundaries for Javi on the show.

    kail javi kids
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Kail explained that Javi had been back from his deployment for a couple of months before they began filming the show.  She said, "We were already living separately when he came home, so that was the most time that we spent together. But I made sure to request separate beds."

  • Kail doesn't think Javi will ever be up to Jo Rivera's level of co-parenting.

    kail and jo
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Kail and Jo have had an up-and-down relationship over the years as they've parented their son Isaac, 7, but they seem to have settled into a really good groove. And it's one she doesn't think she'll achieve with Javi.

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    "To be honest with you, no I don't [see us getting there]. Javi has a very different personality from Jo and from everyone I've ever been with," she explained. "So I feel like, how Javi and I's relationship is now, is how it will always be. It was very roller coaster-y when we were married, so now that we're divorced, it's not really a surprise ... I don't necessarily think it's a trust thing -- this is who he is. There's a side to Javi that nobody knows, that nobody sees except for me. I can't really explain it. It's the way his brain works, I guess."

  • Javi also has issues with Kail having a baby with Chris Lopez.

    Kailyn gave birth to her third son a couple of months ago, but Javi is apparently having some issues with that fact that she had another man's child so soon after their divorce.

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    She addressed the pregnancy timing rumors directly, saying, "I think that's a huge misunderstanding with a lot of our fans and supporters. I didn't get pregnant until I got home from Marriage Boot Camp. After my divorce was finalized. People swear I got pregnant while I was married and I did not."

    Still, it seems like Javi isn't warming up to Baby Lo yet. "It was very weird. It still is. He's only been around him two or three times," she said. "You can tell something ... he gets in his feelings. Something doesn't sit right with him. So he needs time to warm up to the fact that I do have another baby, I think."