Jenelle Evans's Mom Makes a Painful Admission About Their Relationship


We used to live for Jenelle Evans and mom Barbara's banter on Teen Mom 2, but now, it looks like they're never getting back to the way things used to be. On Monday's new episode, Barbara made a heartbreaking comment about Jenelle, and at this point it's obvious their relationship could be unsalvageable. 


All season long, we've seen things between them get worse and worse,  mostly because of Jenelle's new husband (then fiancé) David and the custody battle over Jace. They've had their moments of peace, but mostly, they're fighting,and on the show, Jenelle continued to plan her wedding without her mom. 

Since Babs wasn't invited to Jenelle's wedding, it's not the most shocking thing in the world to see her make preparations for her big day without her mom by her side, like buying her wedding dress. But it's obvious that Barbara is absolutely devastated to be separated from her daughter like this.

Hearing her say she "lost" Jenelle? Well, that's enough to bring a tear to our eye and then call our moms to let them know how much we love them.

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Honestly, anytime Barbara cries on camera, it makes us want to cry, and this time was brutal. She was right in saying that Jenelle's mean to her, because sometimes, she really is. She gave you life, Jenelle! 

We get it, we get it -- there have been mistakes made on both sides. But for the sake of Jace and the rest of Jenelle's kids' relationship with their grandma, they at least need to try to get along. Maybe it's not too late to find common ground? 

Jenelle and Babs, call a truce ASAP. It's too heartbreaking watching you fight week after week! 

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