Kailyn Lowry Gives Us More Reason to Believe She's Leaving 'Teen Mom 2'


Since the show has gone on for so long, we've been wondering who the first star to leave Teen Mom 2 will be, and one seems a bit more likely than the others. Kailyn Lowry is not going to the Teen Mom 2 reunion show, and we're really worried about what it might mean for her future with MTV. 


In an interview with Radar Online, Kail revealed that heading to NYC to catch up with her costars just isn't in the cards this year. She didn't offer up too many details, but it does sound like Baby Lo -- who is now officially known as Lux Russell -- is playing a pretty big role in her decision. 

"I don't really plan on going," Kail said. "It's not something I really want to participate in. I'm not going to leave the baby." 

Wait a second -- wasn't Kail just in NYC the other day? The excuse that she doesn't want to travel because of her baby doesn't really hold up, because he's already visited the Big Apple. More and more, we're thinking this is just one fo those times Kail is totally over the show.

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The reunion isn't something she wants to participate in? That sounds like she's tired of being on the show to us. And when you add that statement, her growing family, her recent graduation from college, and the fact that she's working on a pilot of a new show on her own time, the evidence just keeps piling up. 

We really, really don't want Kail to leave, though. We love seeing her day-to-day drama, and watching Isaac, Lincoln, and eventually Lux grow up over the years. Kail, please stay! 

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