Cole DeBoer's Loving Tribute to Chelsea Is Every Woman's Dream

chelsea and cole

It's hard to believe that Chelsea and Cole DeBoer are celebrating their first wedding anniversary already, but the time has come. And so far, it looks like this adorable Teen Mom 2 couple has had the cutest way of celebrating. On Sunday, Cole paid tribute to Chelsea on Instagram, and it was just too sweet. 


Although their big, exciting reception is still in the future, Chelsea and Cole quietly tied the knot last year on October 1 before welcoming their baby boy, Watson, into the world. And seeing how they're celebrating a full year later? Well, it's exactly what we would have expected from this couple.


How precious is that? Chelsea is lucky to have found a man who loves her so much -- and after seeing her disastrous relationship with Adam Lind, we can probably all agree that it's about time.

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It's crazy to think about how much has changed in Chelsea and Cole's life over the past year, from navigating life as newlyweds to becoming parents (again!) together. From what we've seen on Teen Mom 2, it looks like they're handling the chaos pretty well.

Besides, were there ever two people more made for each other than these? Every minute of their flannel-wrapped love story has been too adorable for words. If only everyone had their own Cole, just waiting to meet them at the gas station.

Happy anniversary, you two! We can't wait for another year of witnessing the love they share, and the adorable Instagram posts that come with it.

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