Kailyn Lowry's Latest Comments About Chris Lopez Are Confusing at Best


Ever since Kailyn Lowry announced her pregnancy, the way things would go with her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, have been a mystery. But now that Baby Lo is here, has that changed? Kail just opened up about her relationship with Chris, dishing all the details. 


In an interview with RadarOnline, Kail revealed that the lines between them are kind of blurry right now. So are they dating or not? Even she doesn't know. According to the Teen Mom 2 star herself, their relationship is "weird." Good to know.

But she's been pleasantly surprised with the way he's behaved as a dad, which is definitely a good thing. She told the site: 

When he has the baby he does a really good job, He's very hands-on when he is with him. I tell him all the time that I'm shocked and impressed. It's not really what I expected. I never knew him around babies.

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So far, they haven't figured out a visitation schedule, but Kail doesn't seem too worried about it. In fact, she also mentioned in her interview that she doesn't even think they'll need to get the courts involved. Impressive! 

Hopefully, Kail can figure out whether or not she and Chris are going to make their relationship work, or if they're going to be strictly co-parents. That's important, especially as Baby Lo gets older.

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