Danielle Lombard Shares Secrets About 'Bachelor in Paradise'


Danielle Lombard (or, as you may know her, D.Lo) may not have gotten a fair shake on Bachelor in Paradise, but she's not afraid to share what really happened now that the show's over. Danielle spilled all kinds of secrets about BIP while doing an AMA on Reddit. 


Unfortunately, most of the thread has since been deleted on Reddit, but fortunately, E! Online caught the action.

Let's get straight to what everyone really wants to know -- What really went on between her, Dean, and Kristina? According to Danielle, not only did she have no clue Kristina witnessed their conversation in the pool, but she also tried to have a relationship with Dean after the show, but his words continued not matching up with his actions, so she quickly ended things.

Oh, and how's this for shocking? Apparently, Danielle also had a relationship with Ben Zorn on the show, but that wasn't shown to play up the love triangle. How unfair is that?!

And now, for the true outrage of her stories. The feud that went on between Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi that we never got to see on The Bachelor.

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"Vanessa called Rachel something extremely derogatory," Danielle wrote. "From what I heard it was bad. Vanessa had to be separated for the rest of the show."

What?! And that wasn't the end of their drama, either. She added: 

"Vanessa stabbed me in the back and tried to get everyone else in the house to hate me while I was gone on my date and never talked to me about the things she didn't like even though we were supposedly friends. Then she tried to do something similar to Rachel later on." 

Hearing about all this drama makes us seriously curious about what else goes on behind the scenes that we aren't privy to. Maybe more stars will come forward and share what they know? We'll be keeping our fingers crossed! 

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