Fans Freak Out Over Jenelle Evans's Seemingly Innocent Photo of Her Kids

jenelle evans and kaiser

Jenelle Evans may be on a high from marrying David Eason over the weekend, but it looks like some of her followers are ready to bring her right back down to earth. People are upset that Jenelle let her kids use a hot tub -- yes, this is for real. 


It all started earlier this week, when Jenelle shared an Instagram post saying she loves her family. In the pic, David and the kids (which includes David's daughter Maryssa, and Jenelle's sons Jace and Kaiser) are all in a hot tub together, basking in green light ... and fans immediately hit the comments to let her know how bad that can be for children.

jenelle teen mom family

They were so quick to jump down her back, warning her against not having a fence around the tub and mentioning that it was too hot for someone as young as Kaiser to play in. Seriously, guys? It's a hot tub -- and for those of us who aren't aware, it is possible to adjust their temperature. 

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Fortunately, plenty of her other followers are jumping in to defend her, which is a nice change of pace. She didn't commit a crime ... it's just a little fun in the water, which kids seriously adore.

There's a good chance most kids have happy memories hanging out in hot tubs, whether it was on vacation or at home. And Jenelle's kids seem safe and happy, so what's the big deal? Isn't that what matters?

It's clear that Jenelle's doing her best to be a good mom these days, so let's cut her some slack, and let her enjoy that newlywed life

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