Kailyn Lowry's TV Career Is Moving Past 'Teen Mom 2'

Kailyn Lowry

If you don't think there's enough Kailyn Lowry on your TV every week, that might all change very soon. Kailyn is planning to star in her own TV show, and she's already filmed the pilot.


But it's not the MTV spin-off some fans have been speculating about -- this project is totally different. In an interview with Radar Online, Kail revealed her plans now that she's graduated college, and this show sounds like it could lead to really awesome opportunities.

"I filmed a pilot with one of my friends back in March, so I am hoping to edit that and try to get it out there," she told the site. "I want to pitch it and see what happens." 

According to the Teen Mom 2 star, it's a show about working moms "with a spin to it," whatever that might mean. Not too many details yet, but still exciting! 

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In the same interview, Kail also mentioned that she's still planning to go for her master's degree in the future, something she talked about in this week's episode. She says it all depends on where the kids are at, which makes sense now that she's got three little ones to worry about.

We can't wait to see what's next to her ... and we hope her pilot eventually sees the light of day. It sounds really interesting!  

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