Chelsea DeBoer Gets Hate for Vaccinating Watson

Chelsea Houska DeBoer and baby watson

She started a Twitter war! Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer ignited a firestorm on Twitter this week, simply by doing something that moms of babies do every day. She decided to vaccinate her infant son Watson.


Therefore Chels obviously doesn't care about her son, other children, any sort of medical research on any side of the issue, and probably wants to kick puppies or kittens too. Because you know, vaccinating your child against diseases that could kill them is a controversial topic now.

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The whole thing started innocently enough, when Chels shared a picture of her baby boy, celebrating his 8-month birthday. Then someone responded to the photo, and said, "Hopefully you've stopped vaccinating and started researching!" and added the hashtag #learntherisk. Chelsea juist replied that she was "waiting for these tweets."

Chelsea DeBoer Twitter

Fans asked why this person would even bring it up, and Chelsea replied in the comments, "Next weeks episode is about watsons shots! So they saw the preview ... I knew I'd be getting a lot of that!" She added, "Ugh I've literally been preparing for it."

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It's sad that vaccinations have become such a hot-button topic these days that moms can't even feel free to share their experiences about it. Thankfully Chels had a lot of support for her decision to vaccinate, and fans didn't keep quiet about defending her. While there were people upset about it, supporters chimed in with sentiments like, "Vaccines will keep your child and everyone around them safe. Why are people still preaching this crap?" and, "My daughter has autism and she gets every vaccine available. Vaccines did not cause her autism. And that's all I have to say about that."

Chels is an awesome mom to Watson and his big sister Aubree, and we completely trust that she wouldn't make big decisions like this without doing her research. People need to chill out and trust that she's doing what she feels is best for her kids. 

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