'This Is Us' Almost Picked Someone 'Slightly Plus-Sized' Over Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz
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If you're a fan of This Is Us and you're excited to return to crying your eyes out once a week, then it's probably hard -- scratch that, impossible -- for you to imagine anyone other than Chrissy Metz playing Kate. However, in a recent interview Metz did with Megyn Kelly on Today, we learned that someone else was pretty close to getting the part.


Metz told Kelly that she was convinced another actress who was "slightly plus-sized" was going to get the role. But, she believed everything would work out the way it was supposed to ... and it certainly did.

"She was talented, beautiful, slightly plus-sized, and we had the same amount of credits. Same sort of resume. And I thought 'oh my god she looks more like Justin, she's gonna get the role' .... but I believe what's meant for you is meant for you, no matter what, and I just had to hope." 

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It is important that Metz was given the part, because even in the midst of pop culture's body-positive movement, we still are so often only shown one type of plus-size woman, which is usually between a size 12–16 with a flat stomach.

The fact is, there are SO MANY other body types out there that don't get acknowledged in media. But with Metz's playing such an emotional role that sensitively deals with weight and self-image, it adds so many more people to the conversation -- people who never thought they deserved to be a part of it. And for that, we couldn't love her (or the writers of This Is Us) more. 

Kelly reminded viewers that this success didn't come easily for Metz either. She was in her mid 30s with less than a dollar in her bank account when she got the role of Kate.

Metz said she almost gave up on her acting dreams because after having a small role in American Horror Story, she went about a year without any other auditions. However, thanks to the advice of her mother, she stuck it out in California. And boy are we glad she did! 

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This Is Us addresses many issues, body image being one of them, so when Kelly asked Metz about facing body-shamers IRL, Metz had the best response. 

"I can't take it personally because people's perception is their reality," she said. ".... I know that hurt people [are the ones who] hurt people." 

Metz admitted to facing a lot of body-shaming and hateful comments, but as she says, "I can't respond with hate or with hurt because it doesn't help the progression of the growth." 

Well said, queen!

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