Birth of 'Teen Mom 2' Star's Baby Gives Us All the Feels

briana teen mom 2

Custody battles, wedding planning, baby daddy drama -- will it ever end? Not as far as this season of Teen Mom 2 is concerned! This week, Briana finally welcomed baby Stella into the world, and her birth was too adorable.


Of course, it didn't come without a little drama from Stella's dad, Luis, at first. Briana could barely keep her laughter in when he asked if she'd be interested in getting back together with him, and as far as we know, that never ended up happening. It's probably for the best.

And Stella's birth was so special. Briana was freaking out at first (because duh, who wouldn't be?) but once the baby had arrived, she was crying so many happy tears. And how adorable was the grin on Nova's face when she finally got to meet her baby sister?! 

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As for Jenelle and Barbara: They couldn't even bring themselves to get through Kaiser's third birthday party without a fight!

Jenelle's still holding a grudge against Barbara for not giving her full custody of Jace back, but maybe it's time to let go of all that anger? It can't be good for her, or for Jace.

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Now that Kail is finally graduating from college, we admire that she's thinking of the next step -- i.e., getting her master's -- but we're glad to see that she's celebrating her huge achievement. Anyone who says they didn't at least tear up when a fellow mom and student congratulated her is lying!

Oh, and seeing her get dinner with Javi and the kids in peace? We sighed with so much relief. Let's just hope things stay that way! 

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Then, there was Leah, who was trying to make her own dreams come true too. She wants to get into motivational speaking, but she kind of crashed and burned on her first attempt. We get it though -- trying to convince a bunch of people to sell lipstick isn't exactly the vibe she's going for. Still, those girls didn't have to laugh at her after seeing how nervous she was! 

Leah will get in the groove of what she's trying to do eventually. Her heart's in the right place for sure.

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And once again, we've been blindsided by Aubree's adorableness. To reward her for being a great big sister to Watson, Chelsea and Cole took her to Florida to meet Winter, the star of Dolphin Tale. Is it just us, or does anyone else think we've got a future dolphin trainer on our hands? 

We can't wait for next week, mostly to see more of baby Stella, of course. Who can deny how precious that little one is? 

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