Farrah Abraham Called Out for Yet Another 'Inappropriate' Photo of Sophia

Farrah Abraham and daughter sophia

Another day, another reason to call Farrah Abraham a bad mom. But if you ask us, it's totally unwarranted. So what did she do this time? Fans are ripping Farrah apart for a vacation photo of Sophia, but in all reality, it's probably one of the tamer ones she's shared.


At face value, the photo looks pretty innocent -- and totally typical of Farrah. The Teen Mom OG star is just hanging out in Italy, showing off her style and that fire-engine-red hair she's been sporting lately. No big deal, right? Wrong. Because in the background, Sophia is standing there, wrapped in a towel, with her cheeks hanging out. 

But if you ask us? This looks like any other picture of a kid coming from the pool or the beach. It's just the way swimsuits work. Short of a wetsuit, not every inch of someone (kid or not) is going to be covered. And as you can see from this screenshot, Farrah's followers are taking her to task for it. 


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We've seen some pretty harsh social media criticism of Farrah over the years, and this is bad. Everyone wants her to delete the photo, but we seriously don't see the issue. Let Sophia and her mom enjoy their vacation! 

Don't get us wrong -- we know there are creeps out there, so all moms should be careful about what photos of their kiddos get posted on social media, especially when using a public account (and, in Farrah's case, one that's followed by literally millions of people). But this pic is innocent, so give this mama a break.

There's no doubt in our minds that Farrah and Sophia enjoyed their time away, despite what her followers might have to say. If you need us, we'll be here, retending we aren't totally jealous of an 8-year-old on vacation in Italy. 

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