Kailyn Lowry May Have Just Confirmed She's in a Relationship -- With a Woman

Kailyn Lowry

Rumors around Kailyn Lowry's sexual orientation have been swirling for a while, but the Teen Mom 2 star may have just confirmed it on social media. The mom of three called another woman her girlfriend, and given the context, we don't think she means a friend that's a girl.


Kail was in New York City this week, with her newborn Baby Lo and a friend. Kail's been Snapchatting the whole experience like crazy, and when a friend shared a screenshot of the "friend" and asked who she was, Kail casually commented that she was her girlfriend.

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Kailyn Lowry girlfriend

That might not be enough to convince fans that she's in a real relationship with this woman, except that her "girlfriend" (who goes by DP on Twitter) retweeted Kail and said people should stop saying she's "just" a friend.

Kailyn Lowry Girlfriend

It's not the first time Kail has been linked romantically with another woman. Last year fans were pretty convinced she was in a relationship with Becky Hayter, and she never denied that she was. Of course then she got pregnant with Baby Lo, and when she confirmed that she had been in a relationship with Chris Lopez, we figured that relationship didn't go anywhere (if it ever was a thing).

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It sure seems like Kail has been spending plenty of time lately with this mystery person, and if they're already taking a trip to NYC together, it could mean things are getting serious. Kail has been practically glowing lately, and we thought it was just because she's a new mom again ... but now we're thinking it could be for something more.

Whatever the state of Kail's romantic life at the moment, we just hope she's happy.

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