Briana DeJesus Reveals Her Daughter's Devastating Medical Condition

Briana DeJesus

Poor girl! Briana DeJesus just revealed that her new baby daughter has a scary medical condition, and it requires constant monitoring. Her daughter Stella Star has holes in her heart, and Briana has been having a "difficult" time coping with it.


The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about her 2-month-old daughter's condition to Radar Online, saying, "It's been so hard dealing with Stella. She has some heart condition, she has holes in her heart. It's been difficult dealing with Stella right now."

Thankfully, Briana -- who also has an older daughter named Nova -- says that her youngest will be "fine," and the only other thing she has to worry about her health is an intolerance for gluten. Briana explained, "We just have to monitor her breathing [for her heart condition]."

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One of the things making it so hard to deal with is that Briana's mom Roxanne is suffering from lupus. Briana revealed that her mother had been diagnosed about a year ago, and it's been difficult ever since.

"She's not the same woman she was," Briana confessed. "She's always tired, always sick, always in the hospital. She helped me with Nova and now she can't help me anymore. I've basically been on my own. I have to be strong for my mother because she's so sick."

Roxanne also had a double mastectomy recently, and Briana said, "She's still been recovering from that ... It's been really tough."

Thankfully, it turns out that 5-year-old Nova is a great help with her baby sister. "She helps me out so much," she shared. "I'm so glad she adores her sister."

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And it looks like the baby daddy situation hasn't been resolved and she's on her own. Luis Hernandez has been nothing but a deadbeat since Stella's birth, according to the reality star. Briana explained, "He has not seen Stella, he has not helped with Stella and he hasn't really asked about Stella. He's pretty much non-existent right now. He disappeared. He totally vanished. The moment I had Stella he went MIA."

Ugh. It sounds like this mama has a lot on her plate right now. We hope that Stella stays healthy and grows out of her heart condition on her own, and that Roxanne continues to recover.

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