Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About the Rumored Infidelity in Her Marriage


Will the drama between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroqin ever end? As it turns out, things between them may not have ever been as bad as MTV would have us believe. In a new interview, Kail opened up about rumors that she cheated on Javi, and it sounds like it's all for ratings.


While talking to E! News, Kail explained everything. According to the Teen Mom 2 star, she didn't sleep with anyone else while she was still with Javi -- and as far as she's concerned, they've actually been getting along pretty well after their divorce, as long as the cameras aren't rolling.

She said: 

"There's like a whole misconception that I cheated on Javi while he was deployed, which is super frustrating because that's not the case. It just makes for good TV, drama and ratings. I'm just biting the bullet every time but it isn't true." 

Wait, so is she saying that the entire cheating scandal was manufactured for the show, and it never actually happened?! Poor Kail. She has to live with the whole world thinking she did something terrible to Javi when she really didn't, but at least she's getting those sweet MTV paychecks.

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She also admitted that things are a little sketchy between her and Javi, because he acts one way during filming and another when it's just the two of them. 

"We've always kind of talked about things behind closed doors when the cameras aren't rolling and we've been on the same page about it so I don't know," Kail also told E! News. "Like I said, it makes for good drama. It makes for good ratings."

Well, there has to be a downside to starring on reality TV, and it looks like this is a pretty big one. Fortunately, she and Javi aren't really constantly at odds, but unfortunately she has to deal with the fights on camera. 

Hopefully she and Javi are able to get to a good place soon -- whether they're filming or not. 

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