Jenelle Evans's Relationship With Her Mom Just Got Even Uglier


We hoped that Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara could be friends again, but now? Their relationship may actually be beyond repair. On Wednesday night's new episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Barbara fought over Jace again, and things between them just keep getting worse and worse.


On Monday night's episode, we saw Jenelle and Babs finally resolve their court battle, with Jenelle getting Jace every other weekend and two weeks during his school holidays and Barbara retaining primary custody. It was good news for Jenelle, even though it wasn't exactly the arrangement she was looking for ... but even so, it's already going haywire. 

We get why Jenelle wanted to make sure her mom stuck to their arrangement by dropping Jace off as soon as he was out of school for his break -- that's the rule they worked out. But maybe she could have done it more tactfully or let her mom have one weekend in exchange for the other at the end of the two weeks? It's a lot of drama, and Jace is constantly stuck in the middle.  

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It's probably for the best that they have their new order in as legally binding, because if there's one thing these two can't stop doing, it's fighting. Jace shouldn't have to deal with that. 

We're probably shooting for the moon here, but we really hope that things go more smoothly for Barbara and Jenelle once they get into the swing of their new routine. Like it or not, they'll be in each other's lives forever, so shouldn't they just find some way to get along? 

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