Kailyn Lowry Has a Nip Slip & Her Fans Can't Even Handle It

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry was just goofing off on Snapchat Tuesday night when she got alerted by a friend that one of her videos included her nipple. She had been holding Baby Lo, while wearing a low-cut tank perfect for breastfeeding, when the nip slip happened.


In a video posted after the slip, she said that she wasn't even going to delete them, because whatever. "Sorry," she said with a sarcastic shrug.

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It's not like you could see much anyway, but still ... there it is! It's funny how you have a more liberal sense of your nipples when you've given birth and are nursing a child. Like really, people are going to see your nipples. It's OK.

Kailyn Lowry Nip Slip

Kailyn Lowry Nip Slip

Apparently news of the slippage spread like wildfire, because Kail got notifications that a ton of people were taking screenshots of her videos. She went back to Snapchat and told her fans, "Ya'll are too much right now ... from the time I snapped maybe 10 minutes ago, I have over 100 screenshots of my nipslip."

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The friend she was with added, "It's not even a whole nipple -- it's a crescent of a nipple." And it really is. It's a teeny, tiny bit of nipple. It's hilarious though that everyone took a screenshot to preserve it for posterity's sake.

Way to go to Kail for treating it like the nothing that it is. She has a baby right next to the nipple he calls his source of food, after all. It's not like there's anything remotely sexual about this.

Then again, who can resist a good nip slip?

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