Farrah Abraham & Chelsea DeBoer in Trouble for Misleading Instagram Posts

Chelsea DeBoer

One of the most lucrative aspects of being a reality star is having companies pay you to hawk their products. It's something that they almost all do, including Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer and Farrah Abraham, but it looks like they may be getting into some serious trouble for it.


It's not that they are promoting certain brands on social media, it's that they're not disclosing that they may be benefiting monetarily from it. The Federal Trade Commission requires all sponsored posts to be identified as such.

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According to popculture.com, both Chels and Farrah apparently got warnings from the FTC for a potential failure to disclose a "material connection" with a promoted product or brand. Here's the post in question from Chelsea -- an adorable video of Watson, with a shout-out to the brand of onesie he was wearing.

He's quite the talker/yeller *cute onesie is from @lovedbyhannahandeli �

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

The warning letter from the FTC reportedly said, "Your post does not disclose whether you have a material connection with the marketer of Loved by Hannah and Eli brand clothing. Please provide a written response to this letter by September 30, 2017, advising the FTC staff of whether you have a material connection with the marketer of Loved By Hannah and Eli Clothing."

The letter also said, "If you are endorsing a brand and have a 'material connection' with the marketer, then your connection should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed."

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Well OK then. As for Farrah, she got called out for her vaginal rejuvenation post on Instagram, and even went back in and updated it to add, "The following is an endorsement by @BeverlyHillsrejuvenationcenter."

No word from Chels if she got any sort of kickback from the onesie peeps or if she just really likes the brand. She's made some of her other deals pretty clear that she's working with the company to promote their products, for things like sunglasses and cute beanie hats. It's totally possible she just likes Loved by Hannah and Eli clothing.

Does it really matter that much in the end? It apparently does to the FTC.

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