Leah Messer Just Might Be the Next Pregnant 'Teen Mom' Star


As if juggling three children wasn't enough, a certain Teen Mom 2 star might be considering adding a fourth.  Leah Messer reportedly wants another baby, and this time, she's hoping for a boy.


Sources close to Leah spoke with Hollywood Life about how Leah is bound and determined to add another kiddo to her already big family, and it seems like her friends are worried that she's not giving such a big decision enough thought.

We know what you're thinking -- Leah isn't even dating anyone, so who would the father be? Well, it sounds like that's part of why they're worried.

The source told Hollywood Life

"Leah really loves being a mom, and she would love to have a boy, she thinks that would complete her family, but she’s not seriously dating anyone right now though, so everyone's praying that she won't get pregnant by a one-night stand, or in a casual relationship. If Leah brings another baby into this world, she could really do with the father's support. It's super tough being a single mom, especially when you consider Ali's special needs."

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These are really good points. Leah does seem to have her hands full with her girls, so it would be a way better situation for everyone involved if she waited to have another baby until she found someone she wants to settle down with.

Then again, this is Leah's life, and if she's proven anything over the past several years, she's going to do what she wants to do -- as she should, since she's the only one who knows what's best for her and her family.

Leah is a killer mom, so we know she could handle four kids, it's just a matter of when it might be the best time for that to happen.

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