15 Times Watson DeBoer Was the Spitting Image of Cole

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Sep 21, 2017 TV

cole deboer and watson

Whether baby Watson DeBoer wound up looking like mom Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer or dad Cole DeBoer, little dude was in luck. As far as gene pools go, the odds certainly were in Watson's favor -- his mom's a babe and his dad is a hottie. But, whether Chelsea wants to hear it or not, Watson came out looking like Cole's mini me. And it's ridiculously adorable. Seriously -- have you seen this adorable little guy?

In every photo Chelsea and Cole post of their little man, Watson seems to be looking more and more like Dad. Whether it's his expression, the clothes he's wearing, or, you know, his face, Watson and Cole are total twinsies. Typically, babies start out looking like one parent when they're born and change as the months go on. Not little Watson. He's been all Cole since day one. 

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