Kailyn Lowry Blindsided by Jo Rivera's Latest Custody Move

Kailyn Lowry

Now that Kailyn Lowry is juggling three baby daddies, custody issues are just par for the course, but this is something we never expected. On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jo asked for 50/50 custody of Isaac, and that sent Kail reeling.


The filing did seem totally out of the blue, so we get why Kailyn was so blindsided by it -- especially if Jo really did tell her he wasn't going to court and just wanted to talk to her about what a future arrangement could look like. This girl has a lot on her plate lately, and when she was served, she was six months pregnant.

Plus, Kailyn and Jo have been getting along so well lately. It would suck if this ruined the co-parenting relationship they have. They worked so hard to get to this point.

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We get Jo's side of it too though, and why Vee would push him to file. Sure, for now Kail is happy to hand over Isaac whenever Jo wants extra time with him, but what if that changes down the line? Their co-parenting relationship isn't guaranteed to be smooth sailing forever, so it's probably smart to get everything down in writing.

Things can be rough for Kail and Javi, and it's way too early to tell how things with her and Chris Lopez will go with Baby Lo. But Jo has always been there for her, and we really hope that never changes, even after this bump in the road.

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