Javi Marroquin Throws Major Shade at Chris Lopez

Javi Marroquin and Lincoln

No love lost there! Javi Marroquin recently opened up about Chris Lopez, and he basically said he wants nothing to do with the father of Kailyn Lowry's third child.


The Teen Mom 2 star revealed to Radar Online that he hasn't met Baby Lo's dad yet, and he totally shaded him in the process. We kind of expected that he'd at least be interested in meeting a new father-figure in Lincoln's life, especially since he gets along with Jo Rivera (Isaac's dad) so well, but no dice.

"Kail tried to get me to meet him one day," Marroquin explained. "But he doesn't do anything for my son to provide for him. He doesn't take care for him so to me there is no reason to."

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He continued, "I told her if things change and I see consistency in my son's life and in her life then maybe, but as of right now there is no need to. I'm sure Lincoln sees him and knows who he is, but as far as providing for him he doesn't so."

Chris tweeted recently that he's seen his son every day since he's been born, so we're pretty sure he's been around Lincoln tons. Wouldn't Javi be interested in getting to know the guy hanging out with his son so much? He doesn't have to be "providing" for him to be an influential person in Lincoln's life.

Adding to the weirdness of not wanting to meet Chris is Javi's relationship with Jo Rivera. He told Radar, "I live right next to Jo now. We're neighbors. It's really convenient for drop offs and pick-ups. It makes things easier. Our relationship is great. Me, him and Vee [Torres] get the kids together all the time. It's crazy how times have changed."

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At least things seem to be going okay between Kail and Javi these days. After their bitter divorce, we didn't think they'd ever find a way to get along, but it seems that things are going well.

"We have a very unique relationship," he said about his ex-wife. "Right now everything is great. I can call her anytime to say, 'Hey let's go to dinner.' She does the same. Right now no issues. We have a unique dynamic."

Here's to hoping that Javi is wrong about Chris Lopez being in Kail and Baby Lo's life.

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