Jenelle Evans's Custody Problems Are Starting to Get the Best of Her

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It seems like Jenelle Evans has it all -- a fiancé, adorable kids, a brand new house on the land that she's so proud of. But it sounds like there's a lot more going on beneath the surface that fans don't know about. Over the weekend, Jenelle admitted she's depressed and finally responded to all those rumors about CPS visiting her house.


Over the past couple of weeks, rumors have been going around that Jenelle has been under investigation after Nathan Griffith's mom filed for emergency custody of Kaiser upon finding out that Jenelle reportedly tested positive for marijuana when giving birth to Ensley. That prompted Jenelle to spill her thoughts on Twitter, and even though she's deleted all evidence of her rant, nothing ever really disappears from the Internet.

According to Starcasm, here's what Jenelle's tweets said: 

"Yes, CPS has been here and case closed every time. There is a lot they are concerned about with the OTHER parent. This is why it was a 'race' to court. My son was not being treated right on his visits so when I expressed that... it was a race to court. We are handling this the best way we can as a family. David is the best thing that's ever happened to me and my mother can't seem to get over that… she going to tell you all EVERYTHING she can that's bad in any way about David to ruin his reputation becuz I completely cut her out so she's lashing back at me by posting articles and selling stories about her own daughter because it's a scream and cry for attention but I don't care."

Yeesh. This sounds incredibly stressful for Jenelle -- and it seems like that's not even the half of it, judging by what she tweeted out next.

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jenelle evans depressed

It's not surprising Jenelle has been struggling lately, since she's had a lot on her plate between adding another child to her family, moving, planning a wedding, and her custody battle with her mom, and that's only what we see on Teen Mom 2. Who knows what else she's been dealing with?

We just hope that if Jenelle really is depressed, she can get the help she needs. She doesn't have to suffer! And with her wedding right around the corner, she should be able to enjoy this time. It's a big deal -- and hopefully, it won't involve more drama. 

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