Farrah Abraham Made Quite the Splash With Her Adult Website Debut

Farrah Abraham red hair

Farrah Abraham made her debut on CamSoda this week, an online streaming adult entertainment site, to the shock and horror of her fans and mother alike. We don't know how many people logged on to see Farrah in all her naked glory, but we do know that quite a few people were not happy to see her stripped down again.


First off were the fans, who just thought she looked ... weird. They do kind of have a point, since Farrah seems to have gone a wee bit overboard on the fake tan and makeup. Is she trying to make herself indistinguishable from her sex doll? Hard to tell.

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Farrah promoted the live webcam session on her Instagram, and fans were quick to call out her new look. "Omg girl no, what did you do to yourself," asked one commenter, while another added, "Caption: This is what insecurity looks like."

Farrah Abraham CamSoda

Of course haters are gonna hate, but someone much more personal also had an opinion about Farrah's flashing of her lady bits again. Her mom, Debra Danielsen, was apparently blindsided by her appearance on CamSoda. We know things have been tense between the two, with Farrah saying she's not even going to go to Deb's upcoming wedding, but she couldn't give her mama a head's up?

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The Backdoor Teen Mom star didn't have intercourse on camera again, but she did show off all her parts (including her newly rejuvenated vagina), and reportedly licked a sex toy modeled off her own special area.

Deb told Radar Online, "I had no clue about it. I'm speechless. I know my daughter has been trying to change her image. She's been doing professional things." Among other things, Farrah has opened a frozen yogurt shop and furniture store in the past couple of years.

As for their personal relationship, Deb still has high hopes that they'll be able to work it out. She said, "[Farrah and Sophia are] my world, I really feel everyone has things in their life they have to deal with. My goal is to be close with my family and to love them. I want them to help me and I want to help them."

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Considering that Farrah didn't give her mom a warning that she'd be dipping back into the porn industry, we have a feeling those sentiments are one-sided. Hopefully they'll be able to work it out, even if just for Sophia's sake.

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