Javi Marroquin & Briana DeJesus Are This Close to Dating

javi marroquin and briana dejesus

Months have passed since rumors were swirling about a possible relationship between Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus, so we kind of assumed all hope was lost that they'd ever get together. But it's starting to sound like Javi and Briana might actually date after all. 


Yes, you heard that right -- Javi and Briana could be a thing one of these days. Now that he's single again, he recently spoke with Radar Online about his current prospects, and the newest addition to Teen Mom 2 is on that list. 

Javi told the site: 

"I would be open to dating Briana. She's a really cool girl. Her whole family is awesome. She's really beautiful. We text back and forth. We'll see what happens."

Sounds like this is something he's given a lot of thought to! And if they're already texting back and forth?! A love connection might already be in the works. Hmm ... 

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And now that we think about it, Javi and Briana might actually make sense as a couple -- you know, despite the fact that Javi lives in Delaware and Briana lives in Florida. They're both single parents, they both know what it's like to have their lives on TV for the world to see -- they have plenty in common. 

"I'm sure we'll hang out," Javi added. "I'll take her out somewhere. We'll see." 

Yeah, this is so happening. We can't wait to see what happens next between them, and let's hope for our sakes, the MTV cameras will be there to capture it all. 

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