Leah Messer Opens Up About Ali's Continuing Struggles With Muscular Dystrophy

Leah Messer, Ali Simms

Things seem to be looking up for Ali! After a pretty terrifying health scare related to her daughter's muscular dystrophy, Leah Messer is getting some much needed support.


The Teen Mom 2 star had cause to worry somewhat recently, when her ex-husband Corey Simms had to rush one of their twin daughters (they also share Ali's sister Aleeah Grace) to the emergency room because she was having problems breathing. On a previous episode of the show, Corey phoned Leah to tell her that while he thought it was scarier for the adults, he wanted to take her in because he'd "rather be safe than sorry."

This week, Leah opened up more about the results of the hospital visit, and what it means to deal with Ali's progressive genetic disease. As she grows, this sweet girl continues to lose muscle mass and endure other continuing health problems.

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Leah told her sister Victoria, "They did testing on everything, her heart, her lungs ... She does have allergies that are restricting her airways and causing asthma."

Poor baby! We're so glad that Ali has such awesome parents that take such good care of her though, and make sure she has the proper medical treatment. Case in point -- Leah also talked to Ali's school and successfully got her assigned an aide to help her with some of her daily tasks.

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The little girl's teachers had mentioned to Leah and Corey that she was falling down a lot at school, and not eating enough of her lunch, in part because she was having difficulty opening the food containers herself. "She needs somebody with her, by her side, at all times," Leah advocated for her daughter.

"I'm fighting for Ali -- I'm going to do everything that she needs done," she continued. "We wanted her to be independent, and at the same time things are becoming progressive."

Ali is lucky to have a mama who makes sure she is taken care of at all times. We hope that she and her aide at school get along fabulously.

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