Kailyn Lowry Is One Step Closer to Finally Naming Her Baby Boy

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry's newest baby boy made his way into the world over a month ago, but that doesn't mean he has a name yet. The Teen Mom 2 star doesn't seem to be in any rush to give the little guy an official moniker yet, but she is apparently looking for suggestions.


Kail asked for suggestions on Facebook this week about what to name Baby Lo, and it looks like little brother's name might have something in common with Isaac's! The mom of three asked fans for names with "double letters," and got a heap of suggestions.

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Kailyn Lowry Facebook

Fans were quick to jump in and offer their suggestions, including names like Brennan, Channing, Conner, Dallas, Kellen, Gunner, Maddox, Tanner, Lucca, Bennett, Garrett, and more. Kail has a ton of options, and we love the double-letter idea.

A few fans also suggested naming him Logan or Lorenzo, so she could keep Baby Lo for a nickname, and one even added, "Mohammed (instead of baby lo he can be baby mo)." Hmmm, Mohammed Lopez? Now that's one we wouldn't expect!

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Some fans have questioned if she's really just keeping his name a secret, but it legit seems like Kail hasn't decided yet. She's pointed out before that she has 90 days in the state of Delaware to add his name to his birth certificate, so she still has plenty of time.

Whatever she and Chris Lopez eventually decide to name their little boy, we hope the Baby Lo nickname sticks around. It's pretty adorable.

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