Amanda Stanton Shares Evidence That Robby Hayes Cheated on Her

amanda stanton and robby hayes
Paul Hebert/ABC
Bachelor in Paradise might be over for the season, but the drama definitely isn't. After Robby Hayes denied cheating on Amanda Stanton on Monday night's finale, she's coming through with the receipts. Amanda posted proof that Robby cheated, and he's freaking out.


If you caught BIP's aftershow, you already know that Emily and Haley Ferguson accused Robby of cheating on Amanda when the former couple was in the hot seat, talking to Chris Harrison. Even though he denied it at the time, the twins swore up and down Amanda had been sent photographic evidence that it happened. And now, she's sharing that photo with the entire internet.

Yep, this is really happening. Amanda took to Twitter Monday night to post the photo she'd received, and ... well, it looks like Robby and the mystery blonde are definitely smooching to us. 

robby hayes cheating on amanda stanton

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Seems pretty unquestionable what happened on that Colorado "business trip," now doesn't it? But not according to Robby, who is still hanging on to whatever hope he can find that fans might believe his side of the story instead. 

Also on Monday night, Robby shared an image with the following text:

 robby hayes cheating amanda stanton

So, um, is this a mess or what? Obviously we weren't in Colorado with Robby, but he and that girl look way too close for comfort if he was supposed to be in a relationship with Amanda at the time. We could be wrong, but it doesn't look great.

Guess we'll just have to keep an eye on social media to see how the rest of this thing unfolds. You know with these two, there has to be more coming.

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